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With more than eight years experience in the vaping sector, we have built this site (vape caddy) with the intention of bringing some of the best known brands and trusted E liquid suppliers in the UK to deliver a simplistic easy-to-use website to guide you through your vaping journey.

Our team here at vape caddy understand that giving up smoking is an easy, but what we also know is a tried and trusted method that has been proven to work, vaping is the most successful way of quitting smoking in the UK by far, Public health England have announced that 95% safer than smoking, so why haven’t you given up?

Have a look at our blogs to see if they can guide you through the start of your vaping journey.

All of our support team are NCSCT qualified.

If you are unsure on where to start your vaping journey please contact one of our support team info@vapecaddy.co.uk

Please enjoy our new website, there will be new products and more blogs coming very soon.