What is an Electronic Cigarette (e-cig, vape)?

An electronic cigarette is a hand held device made up of a battery, tank and atomizer and when combined together with one of our great e-liquids, makes a great alternative to smoking.  There are lots of variants to an electronic cigarette than can be tailored to make the finest vaping experience.


The battery for your electronic cigarette provides power to your atomizer, which in turn vaporises your chosen e-liquid into the vapour you inhale. There are two different types of battery, each with their own benefits. Integrated or built in batteries are great for those who don’t want to worry about additional accessories or maintenance. These types of battery are charged via a micro or type C USB port integrated into the battery unit. A downside to this battery style is that once the batteries have reached the end of their natural life the whole unit needs to be replaced. Removable batteries can be taken out of the kit and charged externally, which is what we recommend, and then swapped out for freshly charged ones. This type of machine is what we would recommend to those who vape more often so that flat batteries can be swapped out for a freshly charged pair for a minimally interrupted vaping experience. Both battery types can support user adjusted settings for a more personal vaping experience but if you’re looking for a more simplified vaping experience then a vape pen or pod kit with fixed output will be just what you’re after.


The tank holds the atomizer and your chosen vape juice. They come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of users. TRPR regulations in the United Kingdom mean that tanks sold in the UK are now restricted to holding 2ml. so, 2ml will be the most any of our tanks will hold and Some may even be a little less but the product information on our site and within your tank information booklet will confirm what size your tank is if you are unsure. Our tanks will either be filled from the top without the need to be removed from the base, whilst others need filling from the bottom so need to be removed from the battery to fill up.


Atomizers come in a variety of sizes and materials and depending on how you vape depends on the atomizer that will best suit your needs. The purpose of the atomizer remains the same. The mesh or the wire in the atomizer along with the wicking material (usually organic cotton) are responsible for producing the vapour. The wicking material soaks up the e-liquid and allows the wire or mesh to produce the vapour when it heats up. Priming the atomizer with a few drops of your juice will help prevent the atomizer from burning out prematurely